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Looks after ALL your Event, Commercial and
Private Paramedical Services.

Under ONE umbrella

We provide the appropriate levels of medical intervention and care for your events.

Utilise a scientific, experiential and best practice risk profiling model, based on ISO 31010: 2009 principles, to establish the event risks from an injury management perspective.

We assist in determining the appropriate levels of medical qualifications and resources. The service provider no longer tells you what you need, initiating a process which enables you to maintain control.The service provider no longer dictates the service provisions.

We subscribe to the principles as set out in Section 9 of the New Zealand Standard NZS 8156:2008, which relates to Event, Commercial and Private Paramedical Services.

Our process evaluates the risks in context of the type of event being held, rather than applying a 'one cover fits all' formula. This personalises and tailors to need, and allows the costs to be regulated. It ensures the provision of the right people, at the right time, at the right price and with the right qualifications and resources.

Understanding the medical provider's capabilities and working directly with them enables a Request for Proposal process to determine who is best suited with qualifications, availability, resources and cost structures that meet your needs.

By submitting all proposals to you (with recommendations as required), this process allows you to choose the provider of choice. Paramedical Consultancy facilitates directly with the chosen provider and negotiates all requirements.